Jump on in!

interactive installation  |  Spring 2011  |  mixed media

Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition at the Katherine E. Nash Gallery in Minneapolis, MN. Each sculpture in this installation talks based on a variety of interactions. Vocals: Ms. Daisy-Molly Corkins, Ned the Fruitcrate-Peter Rusk, The Toll Bridge Troll-David T. Steinman, The Lonely Tree and Clovers- Justin Spooner. Images by Mark Vancleave. Parts of this installation were shown at the Walker Art Center for their First Free Saturday Event in March, 2011. Ms. Daisy and The Lonely Tree were also on display at the Bethesda Hospital Healing and Sculpture Garden in St. Paul, MN from August 2011-June 2012.

Ned the Fruitcrate

Ms. Daisy

View of the Toll Bridge, the Lonely Tree and the Clover Patch.

Jump on in! End Label

Hiding amongst this clover patch is one lucky four-leaf clover.

The Lonely Tree and his apple-eyes.

Here I am, stepping on the picnic blanket.

Kids playing in Ned.

Sliding down a rainbow!

Emmy jumps on in!

Ms. Daisy at the Walker Art Center

Crossing the Troll Bridge at the Walker Art Center.

Ned at the Walker.

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Pages from The Adventures of a Fruitcrate and Other Tales