Gallery Installation  |  October-November 2014  |  mixed media

Oasis is a series made for the Jerome Fellowship Exhibition in the Main Gallery at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. My interest in roadside attractions has led me to examine these kitschy relics through a more candid lens. Three large sculptures attempt to deconstruct the spectacular and explore the unreal. This is the culminating work of my 2013-2014 Jerome Foundation Fellowship for Emerging Artists.


Installation view at MCAD Gallery


untitled (waterfall) from the series Oasis. Materials: stainless steel spillway, stainless steel tube, PVC pipe, vinyl hose, waterfall pump, stock tank, water, blue dye, astroturf


untitled (giraffe) from the series Oasis. Materials: styrofoam, styrospray plastic coating, latex and enamel paint, plastic, servo motor, arduino, electronic parts


Giraffe eye detail.


untitled (arrow) from the series Oasis. Materials: plywood, bendable plywood, oak, porcelain sockets, LED globe bulbs, wire, chaser box, steel tube, paint


Installation view in MCAD Gallery.

Gallery view of arrow and giraffe.

Gallery view from second floor of arrow and giraffe.