Duck Duck What?

Installation  |  January 2018  |  steel, acrylic, aluminum, LEDs

Duck Duck What? was commissioned by Northern for Illuminate South Loop, a three-night, light-based art festival during the weekend of Superbowl 52 in Bloomington, MN. The piece plays off the classic childhood game that if you grew up in Minnesota, you called Duck Duck Gray Duck, but if you grew up in any other state you’d call Duck Duck Goose. Visitors to Illuminate South Loop were invited to hit the blue or yellow buttons to vote for the game they grew up playing. A running tally was kept throughout the weekend and Gray Duck took the lead by just over 200 votes. Thanks to Paul Tinetti Fine Furniture for metal fabrication, Terry Bridges for assistance with illumination and custom duck and goose and to Rory Alt for creating the brains of the piece.

Duck Duck What? illuminated at night

Duck Duck What? illuminated at night. Photo by Shane Hudak

Night 1 at sunset

Night 1 at sunset. Photo by Shane Hudak